New Voices: Sycamore High School and City Gospel Mission, Winter, 2014

Posted on February 04, 2014

Sycamore High School students work with members of the Exodus program at City Gospel Mission to document and interpret Over-the-Rhine.

This image captures the spirit of a man we met while walking through Washington Park on our first shoot. It was taken by Exodus Program Member David S. The Exodus program serves men who are recovering from substance dependency and homelessness with a faith based approach. This New Voices project has the dual purpose of connecting students with an important community issue, as well as serving the recovery program of the Exodus group. The project centers around photographing the ever-evolving Over-the-Rhine neighborhood that surrounds City Gospel Mission.

The program focuses on developing interpretive photography, journalistic and editorial skills with the goal of creating expressive portraits and images as well as reflective creative writing. Through the course of the program, students learn how to interact with a diverse population, and practice applying their own artistic ideas in a real world setting.  Exodus members will also participate in all of the creative exercises with cameras provided by New Voices.

Week One Shooting In Washington Park