New Voices: School for the Creative and Performing Arts and Joseph House, Fall, 2015

Posted on February 17, 2015

Students in the creative writing program at SCPA collaborate on an artistic project with residents of Joseph House.

Joseph House cares for veterans recovering from PTSD and substance dependency in its Over-the-Rhine center. Students and residents will work together to interpret the neighbohood surrounding Joseph House through photography and creative writing. The collaboration will produce a visual display at the conclusion of the program.

Students and Joseph House partners talk about what they will create during the program.

New Voices: SCPA and Joseph House, What We Can Create Together from David Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Participants share their thoughts on the gentrification of Over-the-Rhine.

New Voices: SCPA and Joseph House, Thoughts on Gentrification, Fall 2105 from David Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Program participants share their thoughts on religion.

New Voices, SCPA and Joseph House, Fall 2015, Thoughts on Religion from David Rosenthal on Vimeo.

First Week Shooting at Findlay Market