New Voices: DePaul Cristo Rey High School and Islamic Association of Cincinnati, Fall, 2016

Posted on August 29, 2016

In the Fall of 2016, DePaul Cristo Rey students worked with students in the home-school program of Clifton Mosque, part of the larger Islamic Association of Cincinnati.

Religion students at DePaul worked in partnership with students in the Clifton Mosque home-school program to explore issues of common interest to teens from a variety of religious, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. Students create a body of artistic work using photography, video and mixed media to express their shared understandings.

Students began their photographic work by learning basic design and framing principles such as the use of symmetry in composition.

Image by Amaya

Students also explored framing repetitive forms in the natural or man-made world with small elements of disruption or interruption.

Image by Abdullah

Click below to view a catalog of images and text by participating students.