Ron English

Opening Reception

June 8, 7-9 pm

Through August 3

Prairie will show a selection of pastel drawings on cardboard and canvas as well as a site specific mural by Cincinnati artist Ron English. A well-known street artist seen showing his work on doorsteps and street corners in Cincinnati's inner city, English produces cubist pastel drawings "inspired by the lord."


J. Michael Skaggs

August 10 -

October 5, 2013.

Skaggs will present a recent series of images exploring the experience with chronic pain.





Seeing with Photography Collective

April, 2013

Blind and visually impaired artists from New York produce allegorical photographs using "light painting" techniques.



After the Fall: Women Representing Women

February, 2013

Seven female artists represent themselves and other women in a varity of media.



Chocolat Biennial 2012

A Celebration of Brian Joiner's Curatorial Vision

November, 2012

Brian Joiners' Chocolat returned to Prairie as a Biennial event with 15 artists joining in to celebrate Brian's vision in a variety of media.



Fotofocus: Project Obscura

A Community Photography Project for Fotofocus

September, 2012

Project Obscura was the end result of ten community organizations in Cincinnati working with a mobile camera obscura during the summer of 2012.



More is Always More

Work by Kenton Brett and Lelsey Ash

July, 2012

This installation consists of an elaborate charcoal wall drawing overlaid with scores of paper cut outs and Brett’s trademark paper dolls. This large and playful installation follows a loose narrative which is set initially in an enchanted forest which transforms into an entangled industrial complex, a quaint country village and finally a post- apocalyptic landscape surrounded by industrial effluvium. 



Panjereh: New Work by Sheida Soleimani

June, 2012

Soleimani created a series of large scale photographs of a three dimensional diarama over the course of a full year, reinterpreting stories and events from her childhood as a second generation immigrant of Iranian descent.



Mission Curate: New Work by Bunk News

May, 2012

Bunk News created a site specific installation consisting of a corporate waiting area and "Office of the Supreme Executive", exploring the aesthetics of institutional power.



Airstream: New Work by Peter Haberkorn

May, 2012

Airstream included mixed media works cmposed of salvaged Airstream trailer windowsacting as framing devices for photographs. Other work included cast off and found objects assembled into three dimensional wall pieces. Haberkorn’s images represent adventure, luxury, possibility and optimism; the American dream.



Forms of Authority

January, 2012

Forms of Authority included work from two veteran Cincinnati artists, Stewart Goldman and Joseph Winterhalter as well as Toronto artist Henry Navarro. These three artists together explored the tension between natural forms and processes and the increasing complexity and power of contemporary social institutions.



Hetero-Types Science in Contemporary Art Making

November, 2011

Cincinnati artist Kimberly Burleigh, San Francisco artist Caren Alpert and Arizone artist David Tinapple explore the use of scientific methodology in creating their paintings, photographs and videos.



Daybooks: Artists' Daily Reflections.

September, 2011

Cincinnati artist Amy Hildebrand, Atlanta artist Ester Wilson and New Haven's Susan McCaslin maintain a practice of producing daily reflections in various forms including photography and mixed media works on postcards and small panels. This show presents their work as it appeared in their daily journals and blogs with varying degrees of finishing as gallery objects.



Body of Art: The Body in Contemporary Art Making

July, 2011

Body of Art, which featured work by Boston based photographer Karl Baden and Brooklyn video artist Kate Gilmore, closed on September 3, 2011. This group exhibit featured seven artists who together explored how the human figure is represented and used in the making of contemporary art.


Little Kings, Photographs by Chris Bucher

May, 2011

Large scale photographs created at the Jireh Sports Ministry boxing gym between February and July, 2008.


House: New Work by Tony Becker

February, 2011

A community project centered on the meaning of the word house.


Chocolat: Curated by Brian Joiner

December, 2010

Mixed media inspired by chocolate.


Jeremy Johnson: Meddling with Nature

October, 2010




Memory Theatres: The Photography and Books of Bea Nettles

September, 2010

Photo-collage. Handmade artist books.



Arthole's Realhot Toy Show

July, 2010

Interactive installation, performance, sculpture and prints.



New Work, Katie Parker in collaboration with Guy Michael Davis

May, 2010

Porcelain and cut paper wall installations based on baroque Europoean designs with a dark undertone.



Things I Burned in the Fire I Started

May, 2010

Photography and mixed media by Advanced and Graduate Students at the University of Cincinnati School of Art.



Cold Comfort, Phil Spangler

March, 2010

Kinetic and living sculptures which explore man's intersection with nature.




January, 2010

Peiter Griga presents his unique interpretation of human memory in performance documentary, sculpture, video and photography.



Idyll, Celene Hawkins

November, 2009

Celene Hawkins presents new photography and sculpture exploring natural forms.


Kid's View: The Mill Creek Expedition

September, 2009

Eight middle school students from Cincinnati explore the restoration of the Mill Creek with pinhole photography.

Camera Obscura

June, 2009

Artists Andrea Milette, Josh Pfeifer, Phil Spangler, Aaron Walker and Peiter Griga interpret a room sized camera obscura installed in the gallery through video, performance, photography and mixed media.

Not in My Wedding Album

March, 2009

What happens to all of those amazing wedding photos that tell amazing stories, but not necessarily the ones the bride and groom want to tell in their wedding album? Professional wedding photographers show their best "never seen" images.

Happy Valley or Helltown

January, 2009

Featuring the site specific installations of Voss Finn and Samantha Johnson