Day by Day 2016 Calendar Under Way

Posted May 15 2015

The Day by Day Calendar collaborative calendar project continues for 2016.

New Voices Latest Permanent Installation at SCPA

Posted May 15 2015

New Voices work by SCPA students and residents of Joseph House is now on permanent display in the third floor hallway of the school.

New Voices Gets Mention on Global Youth Service Day

Posted April 13 2015

New Voices’ program with Milford High School students and Joseph House residents from the fall of 2014 was recognized by the Global Youth Service Day event on April 10, 2015.

New Voices Begins Northern Kentucky Programming in 2015/16 Academic Year

Posted March 13 2015

Beginning in the fall of 2015, New Voices will begin providing programming in Northern Kentucky with a partnership with the Housing Authority of Covington.


New Voices: School for the Creative and Performing Arts and Joseph House, Fall, 2015

Students in the creative writing program collaborate on an artistic project with residents of Joseph House. During the program, students and residents create work in Over-the-Rhine to give a voice to both the students and the residents on issues of community relations and development.

New Voices: Mariemont and Wesley Chapel Mission Center, Fall, 2015

Students from Mariemont High School work with high school aged students served by Wesley Chapel Mission Center.

New Voices: Bishop Brossart and Covington Housing Authority, Fall, 2015

In the Fall, students from Bishop Brossart High School collaborate with the Covington Housing Authority in the City Heights community in Covington, KY.

New Voices: Roger Bacon and City Gospel Mission, Spring, 2015

This spring, Roger Bacon high school students collaborate with Exodus program members at City Gospel Mission to photograph and discuss their experiences in Over-the-Rhine